Whitney Rhodes

“I've never worked with such a smart, confident, and innovative content strategist.”



Savvy Apps brought me on to kickstart their content marketing engine. Within the first three years, I worked closely with Savvy’s CEO to overhaul the agency's entire editorial system, skyrocketing its monthly organic traffic, attracting new customers, and increasing the number of incoming, qualified leads.

I helped the content team grow exponentially as a result of our success, bolstering it with growth, social, and video experts.


Why work with a Content Consultant?


More Traffic, Better Leads, Loyal Customers

Done right, content marketing generates 3X the leads, 6X the conversions, and 7.8X the traffic (*Neil Patel). More than that, content marketing builds strong, trusting relationships with your prospects and customers. It increases your visibility, keeps you top-of-mind, and qualifies leads so they’re more ready to become customers when they contact you. A content consultant helps you define your goals and measure success to ensure you see similar results.


Make Your Content Work Harder for You

It’s one thing to start publishing content, but another to see any return from it. Crafting enough content that performs is one of the top challenges facing today’s marketing professionals. A consultant knows just how to create content that cuts through the noise to reach the right people and provide real value. SEO optimization, creative repurposing tactics, and content support packages come together to give your content the boost it needs to make an impact for your business.


Save Time, Money, Heartache

Effective content strategies are complex. They’re built on a foundation of user experience design, editorial process, content engineering, and process design. A content consultant knows how to use your business goals and customer needs to build a strong content strategy from the foundation up. Given enough time, budget, and interest, you may be able to do the same. But time, money, and attention is limited. What would you sacrifice to get there?

Jump-start your Content Strategy

What you’ll achieve by working with me:

  1. Attract more leads (who are more qualified!)

  2. Increase brand awareness

  3. Dominate your market or geographic territory

  4. Build trust with potential customers

  5. Reach and engage new audiences

  6. Strengthen your relationship with your customers

  • Inbound marketing

  • User experience design

  • Competitor analysis

  • Editorial strategy

  • Content governance

  • Process & workflow design

  • Auditing (website, workflow, content)

  • Storymapping & user journeys

  • Quality control

  • User research & discovery

  • SEO strategy

  • Content engineering